Kika Kaskihow Scholarship Fund

Kika Kaskihow logoIn the construction industry, success is built upon a solid foundation - from the ground up. Building a strong, sustainable, and successful community is no different.

With the goal of supporting the future of Enoch Cree Nation, the Kika Kaskihow Scholarship Fund has been developed with the support of ECL’s partners. For every project we complete, our partners contribute to the Kika Kaskihow Scholarship Fund and to a strong, sustainable future for Enoch Cree Nation.

Translated from the Cree language to English, Kika Kaskihow means “you will succeed”.  At ECL, we believe that our students’ success is our Nation’s success. Together with our partners, we fully support Enoch Cree Nation post-secondary students on their academic path as they strive to expand their knowledge. The Kika Kaskihow Scholarship Fund is one way that we can demonstrate our support and encouragement for our students.

Kika Kaskihow Scholarship Funds are available to apply for on an "as available" basis, so check back often for new opportunities to apply!


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